Office of the Assessor

The office of assessor is one of the most important in the county and, generally speaking, demands a higher class of ability than is required of any of the other county officers.  Like the judges of the courts, an assessor is charged with the administration of justice.  Fixing values which determine the amount of the taxpayers’ contribution to the support of government is a delicate business, and one that demands most careful discrimination and the keenest appreciation of the rights of individuals.


First Annual Report of the Colorado Tax Commission

to the Governor, Treasurer, and Legislature

December 14, 1912

Why I am Running


I am Alexis Smith and I am the only candidate that has what it takes to be the next Larimer County Assessor:


• Over seventeen years of appraisal and assessment experience in the Larimer County Assessor’s Office, ensuring fair and equitable property valuation for all property owners

• Partnering with former county webmaster to develop an award winning internet application and presentation of public records and vital information

• Representing the citizens of Larimer County in various forums on topics such as the Senior Property Tax Exemption, Gallagher and Assessment Rates, and Damage Assessments after disasters

• An expert in the ad-valorem appraisal process, and am the only candidate on the 2018 ballot licensed by the State of Colorado as a Certified General Appraiser

• Member of the International Association of Assessing Officers and the Colorado Association of Tax Appraisers


As a state licensed appraiser and a member of the Colorado Association of Tax Appraisers, I have a proven background in a wide variety of appraisal specialties.  My experience is extensive and includes 20+ years in both the private and public sectors, including more than 17 years in the Larimer County Assessor’s Office.  The County Assessor is a technical position that requires experience, education, and expertise to manage the assessment process throughout the year and meet all statutorily mandated reporting deadlines.


I am currently the Chief Deputy Assessor in Larimer County and am highly qualified to step into the role of Assessor.  Over the past 17 years in the Assessor’s Office I have had the opportunity to work with property owners and taxing authorities, as well as all the permitting authorities in Larimer County and the Division of Property Taxation in Colorado.  This experience has given me the required understanding of an Assessor’s role and responsibilities.


Valuation for tax purposes – often referred to as ad valorem - can be a complex and sometimes confusing issue.  Please contact me if I can answer any questions related to the work of the Assessor’s Office.  I would also be glad to meet with any you to discuss current real estate trends and the potential impact on property taxes.  I look forward to hearing from you and would be honored to have your support as Larimer County Assessor.


My vision for the Assessor’s Office is to focus on customer service and access. This office works with a lot of information and the more the public has convenient access to that the better informed they will be on what our office does and how we do it. The property owners of Larimer County deserve an Assessor who fully understands the position and the laws that drive the assessment process.  With more than 17 years of experience in real estate appraisal, and over 20 years in the real estate industry, I bring the knowledge and experience needed in this vital county office. I understand the vital role of the office in state statute, and that this office is a position of public trust.


I am running for Assessor of Larimer County Colorado. Property values - and therefore property taxes - have increased over the last several years. The person responsible for valuing YOUR property should be a licensed real estate appraiser with an in depth understanding of Colorado Property Tax Laws. I am a Colorado Certified General Appraiser, and I am the ONLY candidate with the professional background and experience necessary for the Assessor position. Voters should not trust their property values to anyone else but the most experienced professional.  I have a wealth of experience in real estate appraisal, and recognize that the property owners often have a different view of the value of their property. Even when the value is statistically correct, owners should not be discouraged from asking questions and being able to verify that value for themselves.


I appreciate your visit to my website.  Please don’t hesitate to contact me if you have any questions, and I would very much appreciate your vote in the 2018 election.


the right WOMAN for the job in Larimer County. Strong, intelligent, experienced and qualified.

Duties of your Assessor - It's a lot of WORK


The Assessor’s Office is essentially the County’s appraisal office and the Assessor must have a working knowledge of Colorado property tax law.  All assessors in Colorado are required to discover, list, classify and value the taxable property within their jurisdiction.  As your Larimer County Assessor I will work to establish fair and supportable valuations, meet all mandated reporting deadlines, and maintain a fiscally conservative budget.  As your Chief Deputy Assessor I have helped to ensure that our office passed the annual state audit and implemented a major software upgrade that will allow us to save Larimer County taxpayers the cost and inconvenience of potential extended conversion issues and down time.


I am proud of our staff and all the work we have accomplished.  I would be glad to address any questions you may have about the Assessor’s Office or the work we do.  Please contact me if you would like to arrange a meeting individually or with your organization.


Political campaigns are made possible by the generous donations from people like you. Please contribute to help make this campaign a success.



AlexisforAssessor ensuring your right to protest as Larimer County's first female assessor.
AlexisforAssessor ensuring your right to protest
AlexisforAssessor ensuring your right to protest as Larimer County's first female assessor.
the right WOMAN for the job in Larimer County. Strong, intelligent, experienced and qualified.
AlexisforAssessor ensuring your right to protest